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Ventil History

Ventil - Engenharia do Ambiente, Lda. was founded in 1971. Like all successful companies and focused on evolution, also Ventil has evolved with the years.

Being located in an industrialized area, we have started creating products related to ventilation, extraction and filtration. Our initial designation as company was: Ventil - Serralharia Mecânica, Lda.. However, over the years, it became clear that our customers had other needs, including what to do with the waste collected by our systems. Knowing these needs, Ventil quickly developed a way to get around this by creating a new area, connected to energy. It is in this field that we have developed our biomass boilers. Products related to environment and energy became our main focus.

Always looking to evolve and keep up with the needs of our customers, we have been recognized not only by our competitiveness as a company, but also for the quality of our products, which we believe is the reason why we find ourselves in the market for over 40 years with a large number of loyal customers,  conscious about the quality of the brand VENTIL.

We currently have the contribution of over 70 skilled employees and we expect to continue to grow and innovate with the help of the whole team .

VENTIL logo evolution.